Will there be an Indian representative with the players ?
Yes-an elected Indian manager will accompany the participants from India and play an important role in ensuring all of the players are happy during their stay. The manager will also be the main point of contact for parents during the trip.
Will students need pocket money ?
This is entirely up to you. All food, snacks and accommodation are provided, along with all excursions. Players may wish to bring some money for shopping, souvenirs and extra drinks/snacks throughout the program.
What happens if my child is unwell or injured?
Sick or unwell children are carefully monitored. Medically qualified staff will decide whether a player needs to see a doctor or requires treatment at the local hospital. If emergency treatment is needed, a member of staff will always accompany the player to a doctor or hospital. We will make every effort to contact parents/ guardians quickly but if treatment is recommended by a doctor and we are unable to speak to parents, we will consent to the treatment.
Will students get spotted by talent scouts and become a professional cricket player ?
The objectives of the program are for players to achieve success and improve their cricketing skills and ability. Talent identification & management is just one of the many aspects of the program & is entirely dependent an player performance.
Who is eligible for this program ?
Boys aged 12-19 years with a passion for cricket, looking to develop their performance as a player and as an individual. The program is suitable for players at all levels of the game.
My child is just outside the relevant age for the program. What can I do ?
Unfortunately, your child has to be of the relevant age throughout the duration of the course. Suitable ages are 12-19.
Are all meals provided ?
We provide three nutritious meals a day with plenty of options. On excursions, players will receive a packed lunch. Menus take into account the amount of activity and sport played and Team Managers ensure that players are eating enough. Vegetarian options are offered as well as choices of hat meat or fish dishes, seasonal vegetables, pastas, salads, bread, desserts, yoghurts and fruit.
Is there a laundry service on site ?
Yes – this is included in the fees.
Is there accessible internet/Wi-fi?
Players can access free Wi-Fi around the site – free of charge.
Do I need insurance ?
Basic insurance is included in your fees. If you want additional cover we recommend that you take out insurance to cover cancellation , personal belongings , illness and injury. No refunds will be issued if illness or injury prevents individuals from participation or cuts short their stay on the course.
Will I be in the same room as my friend ?
Accommodation will be in rooms an twin sharing basis. Bed linen will be provided. Should you wish to share with a friend or relative please indicate this when you make your booking. Please note that we cannot guarantee any room share requests.
Will cricket/Football kit be provided ?
Yes – each student receives set of Cricket/Football shirt. Note : All cricket equipment including bats, gloves, pads are not provided but are required.
Will players be allowed to carry sports equipment on flights ?
Yes, provision for travel with Sports equipment on flights and transfers are included for each student.