Dynamic Movements Smarter Mind

Allround curriculum based
Fitness Education and Cricket Coaching program,
end-to-end delivered within your school premises!.

Over all Cricket & Fitness Management

Our PLANNED & PROGRESSIVE programs ensure that each individual spends adequate hours on HIGH QUALITY FITNESS & CRICKET COACHING PROGRAM. This not only improves their fitness & Cricket Skills it also improves their overall concentration, co-ordination, strength and balance. Physically fit & active individuals are less likely to be obese and more likely to pursue sports activities, thereby reducing the stress factor developing into healthy mind & body of individuals.

Experts in Cricket Coaching & health Education supported by TECHNOLOGY have contributed to the development and implementation of our cricket & fitness program (month wise lesson plans) ON GROUND. We wholly co-ordinate the logistics and equipment needs, evaluate and generate individual REPORTS. A complete end-to-end professionally managed Fitness & Cricket program delivered to your SCHOOL/ Individual/ Group.